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Hi, pre diagnosis reading posts was so very helpful, so the fact that anyone can read the posts hear is really positive. But. I am now at a point where it would be helpful to be truly real with people who will get it without the risk of people I don’t wish to hear my fears being able to read. Is their a way on hear or not ? I.e. Is their a way to post that only members can see ?

No hun, there isn’t. But you can private message people. Go to their profile and click on message.

Use mine if you like. I don’t have ms, but was wrongly diagnosed with PPMS for several years, so I do know the feelings and emotions you go through.


There are also private groups on Facebook if that might be your thing (e.g. “Women with MS”)

Everyone on this site is as anonymous as they want to be, although you might need to request a change of username.

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Thanks guys. I called myself Sarah smith as I thought it would be clear it was not a real name. ! I suppose I could have gone for Jo blogs. It was when I used my ‘just keep smiling’ moto the other day I realised that everyone who knows me would recognise me from it. Also it would make total sense if people I care about where looking on this sight at the moment. Oh well, as one of my colleagues at work says ‘it is what it is’.

I work with someone called Sarah Smith!


Opps, she is not I/ me. Not sure why I used that name. Other that no one connected to me would think of me.

You could always change your sign-on name to T May - no-one here would believe that was real.

Geoff (who really is)


Lol. I now have my drugs options, so time for decisions soon, any views ?