No way to spend a Saturday

Best laid plans and all that. Got up this morning with very stiff legs and made it in to the shower and out before my good leg completely gave up on me. Called 111 who sent a non-emergency ambulance. Basically my knee has swollen and every time I try to stand up it goes into spasm.

So the very nice ambulance men helped me down the stairs (on my rear) before being taken to A&E. No infection or damage but I am now home with 2 Zimmer frames. I’ve gone from getting around with a stick to these which is the scary part. I am trying to keep positive and hoping once the swelling goes down I will return to my ‘normal’.

In the meantime I am thinking of upping my Baclofen to try and stop the spasms (taking 10mg at night at the moment). Any thoughts?



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Hello Sharon.

I’m sorry to hear of you difficulties. Spending any time in the A and E jungle is my idea of a nightmare. It’s all the waiting. I don’t know much about Baclofen but when I get problems with getting around the house with my stick, they seem to go away as mysteriously as they arrive. Occasionally one of my knee joints give way without any warning and I’m on my back like an inverted beetle.

The best advice I can give is to make sure you have measures in place to help you in emergencies. I got one of those lifting cushions from OT. It saves a lot of hassle.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Hi Sharon

I agree, no way to spend a Saturday, or any other day, especially if you are like me and hate Hospitals.

Baclofen does help me by not having so many of the spasms what makes you feel “locked” in a position.

What about having a word with your MS nurse, see what they suggest? The only thing I found is I can only increase it very slowly.

Hopee today is better for you.

Pam x

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Hi Sharon, agree with the others… baclofen is good. Worth increasing your dose.

A&E hell is no way to spend a Saturday!

Really hope things improve very soon. Being that it’s swollen, it sounds to me as if things will go back to ‘normal’ when the swelling goes down.

Always remember, things can come and go with PPMS. Hopefully just a temporary glitch.

Pat xx

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Thanks guys. I am on my feet today albeit with the help of the frames and an even slower shuffle around. I have a brilliant MS nurse and she has contacted the neuro physio for me. We both agree that the swelling is probably not an MS symptom but the spasms it sets off are, so she has given me some good info about how quickly Baclofen works and how long it takes to leave the system. So I am experimenting today. It would be good to find out what has caused the swelling, although I would be very happy for it to go of it’s own accord.

Must admit that it has given me a real scare, so I am doing everything I can to get mobile.

A lifting cushion sounds like a good idea as I’m having real problems getting out of my chair at the moment so I’ll investigate that.

I am not a fan of hospitals either and it was clear that non specialists only have a vague idea of what MS can do to us (which is no surprise). Having said that, all the staff were lovely but I am in no hurry for a repeat.


Hi Seabird

Just a thought…if you are finding it difficult to get out of your chair, have a word with your OT they maybe able to get you a riser recliner, which would help.

If you don’t have an OT ask your GP or MS nurse to refer you, alternatively if you ring social services adult care, they can send one to visit you.

Hope this helps, take care.

Pam x


Hi Sharon, you are right that’s not the best use of a Saturday.

Baclofen at night will have worn off by daybreak so do speak to someone about increasing it.


Ps zimmer frames are just another tool to make your life easier. Embrace them .


l had a terrible time with Baclofen and Tizanidine - left me so weak and feeble even on a low dose. Magnesium helps with stiff legs - and is a must to take with Vitd3. Google Vitd3 - Magnesium MS.

l use a rollator to get about the house and garden. Topro Olympus. lt has a good seat and large capacity bag to carry lots. l have another at the top of the stair-lift as well. lt holds me upright and allows me to move so much quicker - can get to the loo in record time. Folds up nice and neat to put in the car as well. Can even carry a watering can on it. And the laundry basket to get out to the rotary line. ln fact it has opened up ‘my world’. Means l can cook and carry meals - mugs of coffee etc - with books/remote control/mobile phone/tissues/extra cardigan - you name it l have it in my carrier. Can even pick runner beans raspberries etc. And wherever go with it l have always a seat to plonk down on - at the right height - and handles to help me get back up again.

Love it - although l must admit at feeling a bit embarrassed - at first - as l felt like a little old lady to begin with. But soon got over that.