Allo. My new buddy and friend came to see me yesterday…or was it Tuesday…I blame the muggy weather or my inefficient brain cells!

Anyway, Im talking about Michelle..aka Manoon Manoon. Shes a really sweet Yorkshire lass! She gave me some pretty glass beads, in strawberries and other shapes, which she has made! i have made them into a bracelet…nice!

I like having friends.


… and i wasn’t invited?

…I thought i was your friend as well!

Where are you teresa? of course you are my pal too…can you get to me?

luv Pollx

Bless you Poll!

It’s a little far at short notice but one day…i’m calling in for a coffee!! Whether i am invited or not! ha ha ha!!

I’m in Derbyshire! So not a million miles away!

Oh I remember you saying Derbyshire now. no, it isnt just round the corner.but all the same you can visit anytime…but gve me notice to get the buns in!


I really shouldn’t be eating buns Poll! Could do with losing a few pounds! Iv’e already had the raspberry ripple ice-cream today!

but…as its a special occasion…i will have a chocolate eclair! nom nom!!! The diet can start tomorrow!!

Yorkshire girls are the best that’s a lovely thing to do Poll

I really enjoyed it we never know when to shut up gassing! It was Tuesday (I had to think!) Also am never on time! :slight_smile: