nhs wheelchair

is it just my local NHS or are they all like this.


I got a manaul chair out of them about 9 months ago, this they just gave me after 5 minutes on the phone, it took about 2 weeks after I talked to the doc about it.


I can not use a manual chair, want I told them at the time, about 5 weeks ago I went back to them, and they came out this time, and about a week ago they gave me a nice 2nd hand chair, they check that it could get in and out of the house OK, and told me there you are.


As I got the chair to get around outside, I tryed using and found that battery dropped very fast, to I rang them up and they sent someone out to look at the chair, and I was then told that the chair, has been disabled, ish, so it can only move very slowly around and should not really be use.


So I phone them up where they told me I had to book a driving test and at that point I can then use it, and the earlest point is in 2 weeks time, and I only found out I had to do this by getting someone to look at the phone and 3 or 4 phone calls.



Service providors are very slow,its not just the NHS,even in the states everything is a fight and everything takes time...