Newly diagnosed

Good evening

I have been given a diagnosis of MS after an MRI scan by my doctor. Not confirmed face to face to me by my Neurologist yet, but confirmed to my DR. was given medrone 5o0 mg for five days. Dear god they have hit me for six! Can’t sleep, but exhausted! Developed a cough last night, finding difficulties in swallowing and I think my teeth are swollen! Light headed. On the plus side I can feel my foot and move my ankle. Downside my broken toe hurts now! Feeling confused, tiery and very very sad! :frowning:

Hi Katrina and welcome to the club no-one wants to join.

500mg sounds a very high dose, no wonder you’re having side effects. Let your GP know, but you’ll have to continue for the full 5 days, how many days left?

Hope things settle soon and your MS Neuro appointment come through soon.

hi katrina

you decribe steroid hell so eloquently “my teeth are swollen” - brilliant.

you need to rest and relax in preparation for your neuro appointment.

take your symptoms to your GP until then.

mindfulness meditation is a brilliant tool for taking your mind off things and can also be used for pain management.

meanwhile do as little as you can!

join me in the lazy B group.

carole x

Hi Kat, 1 st time on this site. I’ve just finished the 500mg steroid thing 24 hrs now…boy that was a long 5 days!..the neuro dctr wanted me to have 1000 for 3 days…no pharmacy would entertain refusing to give me the pills. I don’t feel any better except being able to sleep!..ive just been diagnosed as well. I feel like I’m on class a drugs, a real bad hangover, I’ve walked for miles all the time…other than that I feel great!..x

Hi Nick Sun, I am still struggling, my eyesight is still all over the place, still can’t v feel my left leg or foot or my right foot. Plus my head is in a deep freeze. Really struggling? now on wk 9!