Newly Diagnosed

Hi everyone,

My first post on here, everything is very new to me.

I’m 23 and have just been diagnosed with RRMS. I first had symptoms in March which was just dizziness. I went to my GP who thought there was an issue with my inner ear. Time goes by, still dizzy and i start to notice other symptoms, walking became funny and double vision.

Then admitted to hospital; MRI, LP & a dose of steroids later i get my diagnosis; now thankfully feeling like my old self, I am set to start on DMD’s and i wanted to ask if anyone has had a simmilar experience?

Also, does anyone have any stories/ positive experiences taking Tysabri?



Welcome to the forum: the club no one wants to join. I’m glad your first experience has been resolved with the steroids and you’ve recovered. Hopefully that will be your first and only relapse.

Have you been offered Tysabri? I ask this because it’s quite unusual for it to be the first disease modifying drug (DMD). Also, it’s usually only given to people with ‘very active’ RRMS. You have to have had at least two relapses within the last year and your neurologist should consider your MS very ‘active’ (as opposed to ‘active’).

I did have Tysabri briefly, but had to come off it because it sent my liver enzymes sky high. Saying that, it is definitely one of, the not the, best DMD available. So it you can get it, I’d take it in your position.

Have a look at for details about all the currently available DMDs.

Best of luck.


Hey ozb95 I’m in the same boat was diagnosed few weeks ago I am 34. 2 years ago I was falling to the floor where legs would give way throughout the day then got dizzy spells which they put down to an ear infection to begin with. My eye sight blurry in right eye then it went back to normal weeks later then here I am 2 years later on dizzy spells right eye blurry this time worse, pins and needles down arms and legs. Finally someone listened had mri electro thingy majig to tell me I have ms and they think I must have had a relapse 2 years ago. Waiting my appointment which is in September to talk through what treatments best for me etc… not sure how to feel at moment a kind of feeling that it’s not real? How have you taken to it all? How you getting on with your treatment etc…