Newly Diagnosed

I suffered Optic Neuritis on 29th May and was give the standard treatment of 1000mg Prednisolone BD as an in patient for 3 days, then a tapering oral dose starting at 60mg over a course of 6 weeks. Initially there was a slight improvement - moving from dark grey to light grey, however recently that has deteriorted again and we are pretty much where we started.

I have alse noticed electric like ‘shocks’ going down the nerves in my right leg only and also tingling and loss of feeling in extremities - toes & fingers, however that does return. My main question is this as my Neurologist is reluctant do diagnose MS until I have another episode, I am still classed as CIS. I am a little suspicious of that as he has enrolled me on a clinical trial using high dise Vitamin D together with mothly Neurological assessments plus 3 monthly MRI’s to ascertain progression of the disease or lack there of.

My concern would be that the vision has not returned in 21/22 weeks so would this be more indicative to PPMS or a slow RRMS. Any feedback or comments would be very welcome. Also should I insist on coming off the trial and maybe starting on say Avonex or similar or would I be better finishing the trial, as to be fair the Neourologist and associated stff are first class.

Many thanks for any and all suggestions.