Newly diagnosed, which DMD to choose

Hi all I was diagnosed with RRMS on the 1st March. I had Optic Neuritis in September 2019 but of course due to COVID the MRI was delayed (until Dec 2020). I met with an MS Nurse earlier this week, had a full hour (I was most impressed) and she talked to me about my options re DMDs. Apparently I can have either Copaxone, Tcefidera (not sure if I’ve spelt that correctly) or Ocrevus. I’m leaning towards Ocrevus as it’s supposed to be the most effective BUT not sure whether it’s best to jump straight to that or try other things first. Decisions decisions… any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

sorry newbie but I can’t advise you on which drug is best for you.

I was on daily copaxone jabs for a few years then developed atrophy due to skipping some of the injection sites (always rotate the injection sites!) and was immediately put on Tecfidera.

I have been fine with this once I got the eating before taking sorted.

Ocrevus was never an option but maybe it wasn’t available then.

Maybe ask people who have been on it?

good luck

C x

Hi MS Newbie,

It sounds as though you’ve got a really good nurse there!

I’ve no experience of the DMDs you mention, I’ve only used Rebif which I stuck with for quite some time, but due to the headaches it gave me I came off it.

Have you seen the page on the MS Trust’s site called ‘MS Decisions’ ?

Here’s the link:

There’s a whole lot of info there, scroll down a bit and you’ll find links to a new page for each of the DMDs.

Life is full of decisions, I hope that helps a bit.


My daughter has rrms and has had a variety of different meds which all caused other side effects
She is now in ocrevus and has had 4 infusions and she is doing really well

I have recently been diagnosed and as the symptoms are the same as hers I used it was rrms but when I received the letter it was spms because of my age apparently so I’m not sure what meds are available for me

Hi, I’ve been on Tecfidera for 2+ years with virtually no side effects, just some slight flushing back when I started. I take it twice a day with food or even a thick fruit smoothie works for me. Been relapse free 3 years, Bloods every 3 months and lympho count all good. No experience of anything else but would recommend Tec all day long.

My neurologist is suggesting Ocrevus but was very insistent that I look at MS Decisions (someone included the link in an earlier reply) before we make a final decision, it’s very informative.