Newly diagnosed & steroid infusions!

Hey, I’ve been diagnosed this week with ms, it’s been under investigation since 2008 but with several problems due to tests either mis informed or results going missing its taken time. This relapse I’ve lost complete vision in my right eye and the MRI showed it definitely is ms. I’ve just been discharged from hospital after a week. During my stay I’ve had a 5 day steroid infusion. As I’m newly diagnosed nothing as yet has been explained. I was told the steroids will help speed up the return of my eye sight. But all I’m feeling is pain. I found the drip session excruciating. My arms felt like they were giving birth! I was having palpitations etc etc. now my whole body hurts, I feel like I’ve been beaten up with a baseball bat. I feel bruised all over. I have prickles in my fingers and my skin at points feel like its blistering and burning off. My throat is sore and have a really sensitive gag reflex all of a sudden. I’m shattered n painful all over, even lifting a knife and fork requires a great amount of pain and effort! Really I guess I’m asking is is this normal? I don’t really understand what’s going on yet, it was kinda you’ve got ms, here’s some steroids then I was discharged.

I remember when I had my first steroid infusion and had a really high dose - the highest dose that they are allowed to give and I too had the infusion for 5 days. I felt pretty lousy after the steroids and it did take time to make me feel better but eventually I did. I think it’s pretty normal from what the hospital said to feel lousy for about 2 weeks after. How long ago was the infusion? You might want to repost your message on everyday living as people maybe are to help more there

Sorry about the diagnosis :frowning: I don’t think your reaction is normal to the steroids and I’m rather surprised they continued with the infusions if the first was so painful for you :frowning: I think you need to get your neuro’s advice about it. Unfortunately his/her secretary probably won’t be available till Monday so you might want to try your GP’s out of hours service if you can’t wait or maybe even go to A&E if you are worried. I could be wrong and pain isn’t uncommon so I would second Karina’s suggestion of posting this on the Everyday Living forum - more people with experience use that forum. I hope it settles soon! Karen x