Newly diagnosed at 62yrs old.

Hi, my name is Judy and I have just been diagnosed with MS. It has taken nearly 2yrs because the Neurologist felt at my age it was unlikely I would have MS even though I had quite a few symptoms. Finally, this week after having a lumbar puncture he had to confirm it. I know it is odd being diagnosed at my age but I am aware that in the US that they have recognised this and are researching it more. I feel I need a referral to a Neurologist who specialises in older age MS. I am also aware that many of the available drugs have not been tried on older, newly diagnosed persons so I really do want someone who is upto date on the latest treatments for older people. I am already mobility disabled and 3 weeks ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes so I am reeling from overload. I live in Sunny Worthing and would be happy to travel to find the right consultant. I am also aware having briefly surfed the internet that much of the information around is aimed at younger people. My present consultant has referred me to the local MS nurses and says he will see me again after that. I don’t have much belief in him to manage me as he obviously has little or no knowledge of late onset MS. Thank you all so much for any information.

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Hi sadly welcome.

took me 16 years hun so you have been diagnosed quickly.

first did they say what type of MS it was?

My journey started at 54. diagnosed at 65. after 16 years and tests VEP TESTS, MRI, LP, AND ANOTHER VEP TEST, was told i had progressive MS, sorry nothing for you. so basically go forward and get on with it.

progressive MS is usually found in older people, but actually isnt as scary as it sounds, as it actually has a slower progressive rate then RRMS i believe. I think you need to find out what type of MS it is. thats important as PPMS only has ocrevus. RRMS more choices.

i was also tested recently for type 2 diabetes which unfortunately comes with age.

i was lucky it was negative, but i am on a strict diet i have cut out carbs and sugar and lost a good steady weight weight and feel much better for it. i do have carbs but not as much. I eat a ton of veg and fruit lol.

type 2 can be put under control with diet for sure.

also mobility is important especially at our age, i try to walk a little every day but failing as my left foot is in a mess with cramps and spasms which involves me dragging a foot lol. i see orthotics in May hopefully they can help me.

there are a few lovely golden oldies on here who i am sure will be on to help you.

No one really understands MS even so called specialists lol believe me i have been there and done that. 2 of them told me 1) it was M.E. 2) it was functional disorder. neither had looked at my notes. both were wrong. and both of them cost me money to see them for a second opinion and both of them actually were specialised in MS.


yes MS makes you crazy ha ha. I am 16 years with it but still have a giggle lol.