Newbie - Drug - amatriptyline any good?

Morning everyone,

new to the forum and thought I would give it a go. First attack put me in a wheelchair in 2005. Managed to get back on my feet with relapsing. Finally diagnosed much later in 2014. Now into secondary. On a drug trial with Hallam (statins) but over the last year or so experiencing more pain in the legs basically all the time.

I’ve tried various things. GP has tried… Gabapentin didn’t do a thing. I’m taking some zapain but that’s not really doing anything. Thought I might try amatriptyline again. Anyone had any success on this or anything else?

I work full time but i really need some relief and nothing much is working.

Many thanks


Hi Simon, amitriptyline is the one drug I swear by!

I`ve been on it at different doses for 20 years and wouldnt want to be without it!

In my initial days, back in 1999, I had so much pain in my bottom cheeks and back of my thighs, I was in agony…it felt like I was sitting on jagged, broken glass!

I began on 25mg…went up to 100mg, before it zapped it…slept 12 solid hours a night! The dose was lowered gradually and I am happily on 50mg a night now…NO PAIN!

Only trouble is for you possibly…it making you tired/sleepy.

I suggest you try 10 mg a night and see how you go.

Good luck. Let me know how you go.


ps it is also used for depression, but not at low doses, so dont worry about that

Thanks for that Bouds. Do you find any side effects? Got my weight in a good BMI and work full time so mind is busy. I must admit when I do stop i can nod off within 5 minutes but these days I don’t get fatigue as much. I also take baclofen 20mg three times a day. I started my amatrip 10 mg last night the doc said. Do 10mg (1 tab) for a week then increase. I was wondering how much you can go up to.

I must admit gabapentin didn’t do a thing apart from put 2 stone on in the 3 months. Be interested if you had any down sides o it.

Thanks again