New to this

Hi, I been recently diagnosed with MS. It was confirmed yesterday with the lumber puncture Results. So Im quite new to this. Everytime I feel something odd I just think its Ms. I generally feel achey and tired and now that the weather’s dropping I feel it More. Anyways what I really came on here to ask was what does everyone do about child Care? I have a 3 year old he isn’t entitled to free 15hours until January. Does MS allow the 30 free hours? You can imagine how tiring it is running after him. Just curious to see what everyone else is doing and coping with young kids


It isn’t easy to get your head around an MS diagnosis. It must be twice as hard with a small child.

I’m sorry I don’t know the rules as to free childcare.

All I can do is tell you to try and rest. To not expect to wrap your head around the diagnosis immediately, it takes time and will probably involve tears, anger, fortitude, worry and possibly a few more tears.

Hopefully you can get together with an MS nurse and decide on the right disease modifying drug for you.

Best of luck.