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Hi all,

This is my first post, I have been feeling off for some months now. When I got pins and needles / numbness down my right side, had eyes tested and vision got blurred. Unable to concentrate fully.

I went to doctors who said it was carpal tunnel, when this carried on was then sent to see neurologist who ordered MRI scan this came back and I have had my appointment, was told I spot of inflammation on the brain and that along with my other symptoms possible MS (no other options discussed) so now have to have lumbar puncture and evoked potentials.

Today copy of letter sent doctors came and reads: Her MRI scan reveals a few possible inflammatory looking lesions and we discussed this in clinic ( only discussed MS).

More blood test done and came back, results: ACE and anticardiolipin antibodies were normal/negative.

Lumbar puncture and other test not till December.

Still having problems with right side, numbness in arm, constant headaches and sharp pains ever now and then( several time a day) but only on right side, pain in between shoulder blades/spine constant now for 3 days. doctor prescribed Naproxen no help. Not at work at the moment due to head set I have to wear making me feel like I’m swimming underwater and not with it at all.

Is this possible MS or am I reading to much into what they are saying. Any advice very much appreciated

This sounds very similar to my symptoms! I would wait to see what further tests show. I think consultants are very wary on the whole of positively diagnosing something as serious as MS unless they’ve ruled out everything else first. From what I’ve read on this forum it can take months/years before diagnosis is reached - if it is MS, it’s a long winding road. But there are lots of other things they can rule out first.

As for work, is there any way you can have a word with HR - perhaps they can make adjustments to your work to make it easier for you or cut down on hours? On the other hand, if I’m honest if you feel ill you should be off sick… I used to knacker myself in various jobs going in sick, but find I didn’t get any better thought of when it came down to it (sorry to be pessimistic, but I think in the end you have to look after your health - it should be your priority because nobody else will look after it).

Take care, hope things pick up for you.

Dizzy x

Hi Loz66

In the meantime have you asked the Doctor to prescribe prednisolone steriods asss these are sure to help reduce the inflammation and maybe get rid of any pain.

Hi all

I now have my appointment for LP and evoke potentials 22 December, so hoping all goes well. I am still having constant headache along with some new systems now, pins and needle in lips a tip of tongue, occasionally I am aware that I can not get my word/s out or saying something completely different, back and neck pain along with what feels like hip pain on right side that leads to that leg feel heavy after walking up stairs (12) at home / more like I walked up 7 flights of stairs. Have been prescribed Lyrica 25mg 1 in the morning and again a night but are not helping at all I have been taking these for a month now. I had to get these from my neurologist as my doctors were very unhelpful and was told to wait to see what the outcome of the LP was and not to jump to conclusions !!

Is anyone else take Lyrica ?? Does it help??

i take pregabilan (lyrica) 150mg morning and night they want me to double thar to 300 mg morning and night but it sause,s mood problems at that dose 25 mg is a starting dose and should be increased slowly till a effective level is reached i would see your gp or contact whoever prescribed them g