New to this and MS

Hello to you all ,

I can not tell you how happy i am to have found this forum as after reading through other posts i finally have somewhere to rant /sound off and people will understand .

All abit new to this website and the Ms , so if i spell things wrong apologies.

I was diagonised ( finally) back in Jan of this year. In 2009 i was taken in to hospital with Viral meningitus and after they did my 1st MRI then to find out what was happening i had the uncomfortable moment of the doctors coming to me and saying " do you have MS ?" i replied no what are you talking about … they replied with " well we have found lesions on your brain that are telling us different " … magic ay ??

while stuck in Hospital with the menigitus i started to get issues … the Pins and needles mainly in my right side was the worse part. as i couldn’t grip or do anything ( the only joy i had in hospital was that tea lady coming round and i had to have it in a stupid kids cup ) … long and short of it … the menigitus had aggravated the MS and it was in full swing now … so over the next year had issues , legs . arms , hands. went for cat scans , Mri scans, 5 lumber punctures !!! ( got to the point i was telling the doctors where to aim ) saw my then wonderful neurologist about 6 times . but she was never happy to give me a final diagonses at that point . so i lived with this black cloud over my head for a 16 months waiting for the next thing to happen.

Then at the beginning of 2011 when i had decided that i was no longer going to worry over what i had or didn’t , i had my first optical neuritis …sadly my neurologist had retired .i saw a new neuro who of course didn’t have my notes ( i swear the hospital do it on purpose ) so away we go , another mri , lumber puncture and then we had the meeting that i knew was coming … the lesion on my brian had increased . so i got my answer … I actually have a co worker with MS and she summed it up for me " i was now a part of club that i hadn’t asked to join"

So here i am 9 months down the line … trying to make sense of it all . I have yet to have support from my hospital ( in my opinon) but thankfully my GP is dealing with that as she is not impressed withthe way the hospital have handle things… mainly the emotional support side of it .

I have my good days , and my bad days. sadly just coming out of a 2 week bad day where my legs went ( in the middle of my cousins wedding. great!!). the one thing i have found the hardest is the look that people give you when they find out … it kills me . I do try and laugh it off and point out i am not in a wheel chair yet and they can stop with the head tilt of pity !!! But the other look is when something happens and the look of fear and upset in there eyes kills me .

I hope that i havn’t bored anyone with my 1st post and look forward to speaking with some more people who get whats going on …