New to MS

Firstly I’m relieved to know that there is a forum such as this for people suffering with MS can turn to and I want to use this time to also introduce myself, my name is Kelly I’m 34 and live on Newcastle in the north east. I have recently been diagnosed with relapse and remission type MS - and I’m waiting next week to speak to my specialist team. At the time of learning about my diagnosis was so crushing. That said, I have also become a new mam for the first time a year ago which is the best experience of my life to date. Admittedly though there has been a lot of times where I have found myself worrying about what my future holds and if I can remain a good parent to my daughter Matilda. I guess these are questions any new mum asks themselves, however, I find myself questioning my abilities for different reasons. I am extremely lucky that I have a loving and supportive family and friends (who have been amazing) including a marvellous husband, so I will never be alone or lack people to talk to. I mainly wanted to know how others found hearing their diagnoses made them feel, I am really struggling at the moment and have had to seek help to cope with negative thoughts and feelings towards myself by going to counselling and attending talking therapy/CBT sessions. Did others find these helpful when dealing with anxiety and low moods?

Warmest regards

Kelly Wright

Hi Kelly Didn’t want to read and not comment. I am not yet diagnosed, but going through mri testing at the moment. I too find it tough on the mind, feel like I’ve constantly got a tension headache with the worry of it all. I get by by keeping busy with the family, I find this helps alot. I know others are worrying about me too, which is hard. It’s lovely that you have a supportive network around you, and a wonderful little one to keep you smiling. In the past I’ve used forums as a way of speaking with others that are going through the same issues, I find this helps me cope. Take care x

Hi, I’m new to this group. I’m not diagnosed yet awaiting more tests! I believe I’ve had a bout of optic neuritis in July last year but I’ve been to several opticians/ ophthalmologists who are all telling me I haven’t. I’ve had a brain mri in August which was clear, but i know that doesn’t rule ms out. I have tingling and numbness and my eye still isn’t back to normal. My gp thinks it’s anxiety, which I do agree I have as my mom passed away in April last year and then in July my partner was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour, but I’m not convinced anxiety can cause all these symptoms. I had a problem about 7 years ago with my vision too, so I think that was the start of it. Has anyone else had a similar experience with being told it’s not optic neuritis when they have all the symptoms?? Many thanks xx

Hi Kelly, first off…its so good to be surrounded by supportive and helpful people....great news. Youre being proactive and getting as much info as possible…again, great news. My own journey to diagnosis is quite different…took me almost 22 years! I only got it last month! So pace yourself…you`ll be busy enough with the little one, take offers of help whenever they occur and rest when you can. xx

Kelly, you certainly have your hands full! Congratulations on motherhood! The fact that you have concerns makes you normal and means you’ll do fine in that area.

As for your diagnosis, I’m sure you’ve had problems leading up to this point, so some part of your mind was already kicking around “what ifs”. I’m still adapting to my own diagnosis, but I’ve had several decades to consider the possibilities. In spite of that, there’s a big difference between thinking it could be “this” and finding out that it really is.

Allow yourself to grieve, then look around you and ask “What has really changed?” The answer will be “nothing”. You are still you. You still have a beautiful daughter and a wonderful family. Your health hasn’t suddenly worsened. It’s the same as it’s been, only now you have a name for it.