New symtoms after FND DX

Good morning all,

Hope everyone is as well as can be expected. I had a DX of FND about 5 months ago after a neuro office exam and blood tests.

I had new symptoms the first being a numb area on my face which the doctor did not know what was causing it and said to wait and see, it has been there three months now so doubt it is going anywhere.

Yesterday I woke up with an area on my leg that felt sore and bruised but lookeed normal, this then spread to quite a large portion of the top of my leg. I cannot touch it, my light PJ bottoms touching it hurts, the cat brushing past it hurts.

Spoke to a doctor about it this morning and she asked if I had had an MRI, I said no, she then asked if anyone had chatted to be about the possibilty of MS, I said no. She said that she did not think this symptom was part of FND and that in her opinion I need to see a neuro again. She is chatting to my doctor this afternoon about it.

How many MS sufferers or FND people here have that? Even a breeze across my leg hurts.


Can I ask what FND is please

Functional Neurological Disorder


Functional Neurological Disorder implies “of no known cause” doesn’t it? I think many DX MSers have similar symptoms to those you mention.

Since you have new symptoms I guess reinvestigation is a good idea.


Just had a call back and I am being referred to neuro again. So another long wait but I am happy about that (the referall)


Glad you have got a referral. MS certainly can cause the kind of sensory disturbances you describe, but for all I know so can half a hundred other things. May I suggest that you keep a careful note of when strange stuff happens, how long it takes to come on etc? Referrals can take a little while, and if things are coming and going, it can be hard to keep the dates in mind. Good luck. Alison