So, I had my MRI this evening. If it shows activity, I’ll be able to have Ocrevus. However, the radiologist will take two weeks to report and then I’m told I’ll be behind any RRMS sufferers under my consultant in the queue for treatment. Easter perhaps??

my experience would say Easter but I wont specfy a year XXX Don

The inevitable wait-for results, treatments, adaptations, wheelchairs, the twelfth of never.

Good wishes Moirah.

Good luck Moirah.

Pam x

Hi Moirah, glad to hear your in the running for Ocrevus, I have consultant appt on 11th Dec and asking if I can be considered

Here’s hoping! I’ve deteriorated so much over the past 12 months.

Good luck with it Moirah. I’ve been accepted too, but I’ve got to have the surgery I’m awaiting first as they kill your immune system. Then also like you I have to wait for the RRMS on the list too. I dread to think when I’ll be getting it.

Cath x

I was 70% there with the offer of Ocrevus but unfortunately after comparing my MRI from Oct 18 to a new one a few weeks back (with dye) not a significant enough change to warrant it.