New member. No diagnosis, but ...

I haven’t been diagnosed with anything, but from the reading I’ve done, I’m staring to think MS is the most likely diagnosis. And I’m a bit scared.

Looking back, this has actually been going on for a while.

About two and a half years ago, I had a bad cough / cold, and I stared to get pressure on my sternum that was not quite pain, but definitely uncomfortable. After a couple of weeks, I went to a doctor who said it was a side effect of the cold. It didn’t go away though, so I went back to my GP a couple of times, who eventually said it was all in my head. It ended up going away after about six months, so I went on with my life.

About 14 months ago, I was trying to get back into shape so I started going for short runs. On the third run, I got pain in my chest that was bad enough that I had to stop running. Back to the GP, but this time I got to see a cardiologist. Six months of waiting, four months of beta blockers, and a lot of fear that I was going to have a heart attack later, and my stress echo was clear. The problem’s not my heart, which should have been reassuring, but I don’t have a diagnosis.

During this time, I started to get some numbness in my left fingers, but my GP dismissed it when I mentioned it to her.

I have since changed GPs. When I went to visit my new GP, he did some tests to check for carpal tunnel, and gave me some anti-inflammatories. After a second visit, he has sent me for a nerve conduction study.

My symptoms now include regular numbness in my left hand, regular pins and needles in my left hand, somewhat regular weakness in my left arm, occasional numbness / pins in the my right hand, and occasional numbness in lower legs / feet. My walking and running are unaffected, and eyesight is fine. I also infrequently get numbness in lips and throat (that is what made me switch GPs). The chest pressure still comes and goes, but does not appear to be exercise-induced. Seems like the symptoms are worse when I’m stressed.

I’ve done some research online using reputable web sites, and the only neuropathy that fits my symptoms seems to be MS. I know I should wait for a doctor, but I’m using sites like NIH and Macy Clinic. I’m scared. I know MS can be progressive, and that it affects different people different ways. I don’t want to be a burden to my husband and young kids.

Part of me thought that there wasn’t much point in discussing this until I had a diagnosis, but I don’t have much of a support network and I need to talk to someone.

For those that got this far, thanks for reading.


Hiya Jill,

I know I sound condescending but you are running before you can walk; there’s a play on words if ever I’ve heard one. As Lance Corporal Jones says “Don’t panic Mr. Mannering.”

I know your mind is working overtime but Mr Google can be an awful asset. Here is a good website written by a doctor about his diagnosis; interesting trawling the different pages at the top.

If it does turn out to be MS it is NOT the end; more the start of a change. Your husband will still have a lovely wife; your children will still have a lovely mum.

Then again it could be a Clinically Isolated Syndrome (CIS) which goes as quickly as it came; this does happen a lot.

All the luck in the world.


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Hi Jill actually M.E. fits your symptoms too, which is classed as a neurological disorder, and can cause pins and needles and heart issues etc. It can be triggered too from a bad virus.

Even if you ended up with MS you wouldnt be a burden on your husband and children.

I would read up and M.E., which is made worse with exercise.

Thanks for the responses. What is M.E.?

I think Dr’s need to realise that Hypochondria is much more rare than MS. All in your head, indeed. Is it me or do a lot of GP’s aluded to on this site need some up-to-date training?


Hi its Myalgic Encephalopathy. Its now classed as a neurological disease by The World Health Organisation, and so many of the symptoms are very similar to M.S.

Hi, I dont think your symptoms sound typical of MS. But who am I to say?

I was mis-diagnosed with PPMS for a few years, so did a lot of reading…literature from MSS.

They do some good free pamphlets, which you can order here.

Turned out I have a similar condition.

My initial symptoms were, tripping and falling due to typical foot drop, bladder and bowel accidents, arm and foot spasm.

Fatigue was bad too.

Try not to focus too much on MS.