New findings, MS and HIV could HIV drugs mean help halt progression in MS patients

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I saw something from MS Society on my face book page yesterday, then I heard a programme on radio 4 last night (called inside health), apparently only one person who had MS also had HIV and after taking HIV medicene, his MS seem to stop progressing, there’s a link below so you can listen to the programme if you wish, it does include genetics and vitamin D deficiency but could prove to be a huge breakthrough for us, fingers crossed

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Here is a bit more information from Barts & London.

It may be that the relevant factor is not that the drugs being given to treat the HIV are diminishing the m.s. but rather the fact that this person has a viral infection which is ‘knocking out’ the m.s.

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Yes there is that to consifer krakowian, they are doing lots of research and it will take time before we know the outcome, there could be something to be learnt from it though.

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Interesting Wendy.

I’ve wondered whether there was any cross over with the immunology aspects of both chronic illnesses.