New CIS diagnosis - progression?

Hi - I’ve spent the last 6 months trying to get a diagnosis. My symptoms were numbness and tingling from the torso downwards, and complete loss of feeling in 4th/5th finger and outside of my forearm. First MRI of brain and spine showed lesions in my spine (c2/c3 - t2 - t6 and the conus) but brain MRI is clear. Initially diagnosed with Neuromyeletis Optica/Devic’s and seen by the specialist team in Oxford who have all but ruled out Devic’s as negative for various antibody tests. Just seen my 4th neurologist and had a repeat MRI 5 months later and still no brain lesions and the same spinal results, I’m recovered from my first ‘lapse’ and trying to understand what my odds are. This neurologist says I have had a CIS event and now I’m trying to figure out my chances of conversion to MS. I’m reading many articles that have just confused me. Any thoughts - or anyone in the same situation as me? I’d appreciate your comments my initial diagnosis really knocked me back!

Hi there. I have been running to neurologists for 3 years now. Before that to GPS for 2 years. Spinal lesion c3 to c5 for me. Seen 2 neurologists now. First one thought radiation myelopathy from treatment i had in 1990. Second one disagreed and said possible ms. But with clear LP and not enough lesions not a definite Dx. Basically I had numbness in left arm in 2005 and the MRI was clear. Then in 2008 I felt dreadful with fatigue, numbness down left side and weak right arm. I recovered all right. But then a year later spasticity started to appear in only right leg which has got very gradually worse. Gp refused to recognise the situation until I eventually went to see a neuro privately in 2011. Got the radiation myelopathy Dx then. In 2012 moved to NHs neuro and had Dx removed. I had a scan in June 2012 and it was clear. Had another done privately in oct 2013 and lesion was back. Current I am trying to find out if scan reported on in June 2013 was me! Have you had any spasticity? I also thought you needed vision issue to get a Dx of devics disease. What is your full story? Have you been given a lumbar puncture. Also how old are you. I am 49 and from this site the ones in their 20s or 30s seem easier to Dx. MOYNA xxx

I’m a CIS person too and I found this article the most informative at answering your question: I know it is easier said than done but it is best not to worry about it, as what will be will be, although I think following a healthy lifestyle can’t but help.

Hi, I’m a 30 year old male. Not had any systems until June this year. I had some tightness in my right arm but that has gone, nothing in the legs apart from sensory disturbances. My first 2 neuros diagnosed me with NMO as I was diagnosed with a eye condition called keratoconus 5 years ago which they thought was optic neuritis, my MRI had no damage to the brain and because I’m non Caucasian, and MS is rare in people who are mixed race/black/Indian. I was referred to the NMO team in Oxford who were great and completed some thourough testing including blood tests for NMO-IG (negative) ADEM (negative) Evoke Potentials (slight delay which was put down to my keratoconus) so NMO was very unlikely, (also due to short lesions) so we are back with CIS / MS. I had a 5 month lapse and since OCT have been better, it was very mild as it didn’t effect me working but some days where very uncomfortable. Any ideas what the odds are to convert to full MS? Thanks for your comments and the article.