Neuropathic pain, tens machine & CBD

Ever since a disastrous lumbar tap in 2008 I’ve suffered with neuropathic pain around lower back and down legs. I think it’s got worse over the years. Has anyone found any relief from using a tens machine , or CBD Oil , paste? I’ve tried all the neuropathic pain killers and I’m now on pregabalin 300 mg twice daily. I’ve never tried a tens machine - don’t like shocks. Can anyone help? Many thanks. Barty.

hi barty

i agree that the idea of a TENS machine is not attractive.

CBD oil/paste is highly rated by many people but i found that my first bottle of oil was brilliant and none of the others have lived up to my expectations.

what do the doctors say about your back problems?

the pain that begins in the back and goes down the legs sounds like sciatica.

maybe the sciatic nerve was damaged during that lumber puncture.

i would ask for a referral to neurology to get that sciatica addressed.

carole x

just want to add

physiotherapy could be what you need.

a neurological physio preferably.

there are exercises specific for relieving pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Thanks for replying . Sensible advice but I tried physio to no avail. Tried most pain killers. I think the sciatic nerve was permanently damaged when I had the lumbar tap but doctors don’t admit or deny it. I’ve never tried tens machine or CBD oil so just wondered if either had worked for others with neuropathic pain except it’s more of a burning feeling than acute pain like a Chinese burn. Anyway, be interested if anyone else has found relief from tens or CBD. Barty.

I have a tens machine which I used to use to great effect on my sacro iliac joint in my back. I haven’t used it since I was diagnosed with ms last year as I don’t have neuropathic pain. However, it doesn’t feel like an electric shock - it’s more like a strongish buzzing. You can control the intensity so that’s good. Hope that’s helpful.

I have a tens machine which I used to use for sacroiliac joint pain in my back. I haven’t used it since I was diagnosed with ms in 2017 because I don’t have neuropathic pain. The tens machine is very easy to use and the intensity is controlled by you. It’s not really like an electric shock, more like a strong buzzing. Hope that’s helpful.

Yes, thank you. That is useful. I imagined a tens machine would make you feel like you were getting a lot of little shocks. I now think I will have a go with one as they are not too expensive. Thanks again. Barty