Neurology clinic 2moro

Hi there, not diagnosed with anything yet but I’m seeing the neurologist 2moro and just wanted a bit if advice on anything I shud mention or not mention. It’s my first appointment and I’m so glad its here but apprehensive at the same time. I’ve had a variety of symptoms for a long time but mainly the terrible nerve pain in my legs that keeps me awake. The cold makes me feel sore if that makes sense like bare feet on the floor is sore if the floor is cold. I have a weird twitchy thing with my mouth and tongue which is becoming worse. I also slurred my words sometimes and struggle to get words out. I have pain in my hands when I grip things or like hold an onion to chop it etc. I dont want to go in and bombard him with lots of things as I dont even know if any of them are related. Just feel a bit overwhelmed that the appointment is finally here after waiting so long. I’m 32 with a 3 year old and i feel like I’m trapped in a useless body. I work in the nhs as an anaesthetic nurse and it’s becoming increasingly difficult. Sorry for the long post it wasnt planned I just seem to have rambled on!


What you could do is write yourself a timeline of what has happened to you and when. List the symptoms that seem to belong together, have notes of when they began and (if this is the case), when they improved, or disappeared.

The neurologist will want to go through an oral history of what happened to bring you to this point, so that’s where you need your list.

Then I’d expect the neurologist to do a physical examination, reflexes, sensory reactions, balance, hand/eye coordination, etc.

Following this, the neurologist should have some idea about what s/he thinks is causing your symptoms and will refer you for tests, probably MRI, maybe Nerve Conduction, Lumbar Puncture, Evoked Potentials and others.

Hopefully you’ve lined someone up to come with you. It’s not unusual to sit there, understanding every word s/he says then leave the room and wonder what on earth was said and what happens next. I imagine this might be even worse if you’re a health professional. Your expectation is that you’ll remember everything and be very surprised when you don’t!

Good luck for tomorrow. Let us know how it goes.


Hey sue thanks for the reply! Appointment went ok apart from him checking his watch every few mins! He done a quick physical examination and said it was fairly normal but is sending me for brain and spine mri, took some bloods and a urine sample. Said ms cant b ruled out even if the physical exam is ok. But I’m guessing the mri is just for completeness.

So pretty much as predicted then! I’m glad the physical exam has come back ‘normal’. Hopefully the MRI will too.