Neurologist dismisses me

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I was diagnosed 3 years ago, my Neurologist simply wrote Radiological MS. He is so disinterested. I am in pain all the time my shoulders, arms, legs and he said I simply cannot have pain there because my lesions are in my brain not my spine. I despair. Every year I have new brain lesions. He refuses to entertain me. Can someone shed some light on if lesions locations affect different parts of your body?

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I have a lot of experience in it but am not a neurologist.

Lesion site can cause problems ANYWHERE regarding ANYTHING.

Sorry the neurologists communication skills are lacking.

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Thank You for validating me. I am so frustrated with my Neurologist. Would like to change but not sure how or if it would mean I get lost in the system. Wishing you well.

Hi Eastendgirl, we are speaking about a complex system made even more complex through the interplay of immune and nervous system functioning. In very simple terms, a lesion to a major piece of anatomy will cause predictable effects, however, because we are so dependent on everything cooperating with everything, it will also cause effects elsewhere. And that can be anywhere and will vary from person to person. Sometimes it can be a straightforward lesion site = problem x. That is usually to do with movement and some obvious sensory issues like tingling. But even these differ from person to person. Sometimes we are speaking in sensitivities about our issues when medics think in absolutes, i.e. either works or doesn’t work. When it comes to the nervous system no two cases are the same, even when the lesion site is in the same place. Some things may overlap, but the problems will differ.
Who we are ultimately runs through our nerves.