Neurological conditions

What condition is most likely to cause high blood pressure with occasional drops which result in falls?
Also causes stoop posture and leaning to one side when walking?



Steve - sound awful, have you spoken to your GP? Sometimes MS is blamed for a lot when in fact it’s in addition to other problems. I’d speak to your GP or Practice Nurse who have access to your medical record and so should be in a position to determine what’s happening and how to address it.

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POTS. Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS)

My GP practice have been very unhelpful. I have been told they are not specialists and to chase up my Cardio and Neurology appointments. This I did and have had cardio tests and spoken to a Cardiologist who is certain it is a Neurological condition. I have had two Neurology appointments cancelled and I am on a cancellation list. The next appointment is 2nd July but fear this maybe cancelled. I have tried the private route and booked the earliest appointment which is 29th September. I have booked this as back up.
I was hoping someone had had similar symptoms
Thanks for your reply

Thanks will look into Pots

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it doesnt scream MS. Dysautomia can cause high blood pressure too.

the stoop posture and leaning to one side i dont like to say what it could be, but if you just google…stoop posture and leaning to one side it should bring it to a web site. I can tell you my grandfather had this.

Thanks for your reply.
I had not considered Parkinson disease because I do not have a tremor . But other symptoms suggest it is a strong possibilty??

so you did google it then. It could be tremor isnt always present. my grandfather had it, and was a possibility for me at the time. Its just another avenue to think about. I am sure it isnt but you did ask. xx


I did ask and thanks for your reply

I must be patient and wait to see Neurologist. I have no support or help from the GPS.
For the last couple of years I have been getting back ache after walking 5000 steps or so. I had physiotherapy which did not help and was told it was due to long term poor posture. Perhaps it was early signs??
Thanks Steve

it could be down to posture. Yes i think i would wait now as you will frazzle yourself.

I waited SIXTEEN YEARS lol.

whatever it is you will get answers but sadly anything neurological seems to take time. x