I’m looking for recommendations for neurology. My current team forget to contact me, and I usually have to make an appointment. The last to times I have phoned and left a message and my call hasn’t been returned.

I have had enough and think I deserve better. I live between Gloucester and Bristol, but am willing to travel further.



Which Neuro do you use at the moment? Bristol or Gloucester? Charlie

Hello Tom,

I “go” to Ashford St Peters Hospital, which had been very good when I was RRMS, however since

I am now SPMS, I notice I also only get appointments if I request one.

I am off DMD now and have not been offered anything else. This might be a national policy.


I do have self-referral contact for the MS Nurse, Community Rehab Team (physio, OT), and for NHS Wheelchair Services

(powerchair and manual wheelchair supplied) and have had help from my local borough Adult Social Care, which provided me

with ramps, grab rails and a rise and recline chair and a profiling bed and pressure care mattress.

I have been told to watch out for falls, bladder and lung infections. My impression is community care and being referred back

to my GP is my new reality.