Neuro Visit

I went to see my neuro on Wednesday to get my results from LP (am living in Spain at the moment) the LP was positive as was my EP test in May. Had an MRI 5 years ago with no lesions on brain, had an MRI in 2008 which showed 1 lesion in cervical spine. Had another MRI in May this year which showed lesions and my walking has deteriorated so much in the last year. The neuro said it was CIS and he has prescribed Amantadine and Gabapentin which I am really happy about. With a dx of CIS is it normal to get new symptoms 4 years later and for the spasticity to have got so much worse? The good thing is he is sending me for another MRI in March to see if there are any changes.


(Like you I think?) I am not convinced about the CIS diagnosis since you had symptoms in the past that were severe enough to have warranted MRIs. I think you should challenge the diagnosis - if the previous episodes are taken into account (and assuming that you have the right number of lesions in the right places), it should be a diagnosis of MS which might mean you can get onto a DMD which might help to slow that deterioration in walking. (If given the option, go for an interferon rather than Copaxone - they have better results at slowing progression.)

The alternative is to wait for the new MRI and results of course. Hopefully that will sort things out once and for all.

Karen x

Thanks Karen for your reply, I think that I would have been happier with the CIS dx if I hadn’t have felt so much worse this last year or so! I think that when I see him in February I will ask him more about the brain lesions and whether they are in the right places for MS. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to be dx’d with MS but if it is and I can get DMD’s then better to get them early.

Kim x