neuro confused me!!

Hi everyone! So I saw my neuro last week following my hospital in november which they have told me was my first MS attack… quite strsight forward you would think?! WRONG!! He started with the usual how am I feeling etc I then told him about my symptoms to which he replied ’

Bloody phone!! To which he replied ‘im not interested in your symptoms, I can see you are better than you were’…shocking! He refused to dx MS but refused to tell me why. He said to reduce my hours at work, increase my meds anf take extreme csution in hot weather! ! I said I have two small children, if I reduce my hours how do I support my family financially?! He said claim PIP!! Unbelievable!! And he ecpects me to do this without a firm dx… he said its likely to be MS!! I left do upset :frowning: my gp has now referred me to a different hospital Any advise would be great!! Thank you!!

PLEASE!! Report him to PALS. Things will not improve in health care, if people don’t complain. x

Wilesy thats awful defo contact Pals as suggested , no one should be treated in this way by anyone , i hope all comes good for you from the new folks and they get you the DX and help you need