Nerve Block for Trigeminal Neuralgia

Has anyone gone private for treatment? Did it work?

I’m in between several doctors who have differing opinions on what is causing my TGN. I’ve tried 7 different meds now with no relief so want to move on to a surgical treatment.

Any advice or recommendations welcome please

I feel your pain. I am suffering with TN currently. I have had a number of episodes over the years. My attacks last for months.

In the past I have taken meds but like you not effective. I have to just let it settle over time. This current episode started @ April. I have been prescribed Carbamazepine, decided not to take.

My personal feeling is that I would want to know if there was an underlying cause before surgery. MRIs can show inflammation on the TN nerve branches.

TN can be a precursor to MS but could take years to manifest itself, some doctors monitor the condition for that very reason.

Is anyone recommending you have surgery, or are you exploring the option out of desperation? Not wanting to be flippant they don’t call TN suicide pain for little reason.

Hi Eoxly. I have intermittent episodes of trigeminal neuralgia associated with my MS. First episode of TN was 40 years ago! I’ve had MS. for that time. When I am aware the TN is rearing it’s ugly head I IMMEDIATELY take two paracetamol and two Ibuprofen. It works in around 15 minutes. If I don’t do this, thinking the TN will go away on its own, the neuralgia lasts for hours!! So………it’s straight to the Paracetamol and Ibuprofen now and catch it in the bud. I’m pleased this works for me, trigeminal neuralgia is so painful. Take care and keep well