need help on symptoms

Hi everyone im 1st time poster… my name’s Adam 25 yrs old from Belfast! What brings me here I hear you say… well it all begins when I was 18 I suddenly experienced severe nerve pain in my thighs , worst pain ever lasted seconds to maybe 5 mins, and was intermittent for a month, I also got hot water feeling in primarily left thigh which felt like was running down my leg. Also would have times when my feet felt like were being crushed from bottom to sides of feet again not staying through out the day was intermittent, these symptoms lasted about a month and that was it. Now till last September 2012 , I had an excruciating electric shock to my big toe in my left foot, lasting seconds, then disappearing. Weeks later the thigh pain was back along with burning feet, crushing feet, and sharp pain that comes and goes in my hands and fingers , when all these symptoms aren’t about I’m normally left with burning thighs or cold water sensation in legs, it changes daily, doctor ordered bloods only thing showed up was b12 was 176 started injections in november, and symptoms disappeared in January and I thought that was it… I was sent for mri of brain and it came back clear, and Neuro left it at that and so did I as symptoms disappeared. now as of July 2013 the symptoms returned same way 1st shock in same big toe. Nothing for few weeks then burning, crushing feet, sensations in legs with out the severity of pain , lots of warm…cold feelings then few weeks in begins hand pains , I’m at my wits end anyone experience these symptoms they are all intermittent and never all at same time… Has anyone experienced anything similar, I demanded to see the Neuro as never seen him he just wrote me off to gp as mri brain was clear, ive had bloods for everying but vit d as doc said he can’t do it, it’s specialist needs to order. thanks Adam

My GP in Scotland arranged a vit D test and I have read on this forum of people in England having vit D checked by GPs [25 hydoxy D] so I’m suprised that in NI a specialist needs to order it. Vit D is fundamental abeit a complicated matter. It affects many things so its ludicrous if a specialist needs to order it (of course the NHS has at least its share of ludicrosity). I’d push my GP. Does the GP have any explanation for your pain? If not you deserve having a vit D test to rule it out. If the GP really can’t do it why not refer you to such a specialist.

I’m in south east England and the first thing my new GP did was order full blood tests including b12 and vit D. Both were exceptionally low so prescribed high dosage with new blood tests every 2 months to check levels. The consultant then ran his own to double check. Hope you manage to get your test soon.

Thanks guys for ur replays means a lot. The doctor just thinks we should just treat symptoms and learn to live with it. My question is, how likely is this ms I have? I know everyone is diff symptoms wise, and prob wouldnt think about it only I had these symptoms 7 years ago that vanished and now there back with other ones. I’m awaiting seeing Neuro prob be Xmas time before her a date…