Need guidance

I called neuro today, to be told my symptoms are not neurologic, and he has discharged me, I now don’t know what to do at the moment I can go 6/8days being able to walk, I’ll go to bed one night get shorting pains down legs and across my back , then not be able to work the following day as my knees are bent legs are weak, heavy and all I can do is a shuffle if I’m lucky cant lift legs have to help then.this goes on for 3/4 days they then start to get stronger again to the stage I limp, I then start the cycle again. This has been happening on and off the last three months. Had mris on neck back and head all clear lp clear too. I also get stone cold feet or burning sensation in feet, restless legs at night time, fatigue and not being able to sleep, I’ve had bladder problems, burning in arm pit pins and needles in feet and hands, dizziness, legs give way. Forgetfulness. I’ve even been filling kettle and put other hand without kettle in under tap. I feel down as it feels like he is saying. There is nothing wrong. Gp has referred me for physio and walking aids assessment she has also taken 6tubes of blood today to be tested. I have brisk reflexes can’t stand on tip toes and also when my legs don’t work they are no longer ticklish nor are my feet. Where do I turn now as I’m feeling depressed started to struggle money wise as I’ve been signed off work, due to the walking problems, and general feel lost.

Forgot to add I had same sort of symptoms last year but they past, get shot tin pains in hands.