National xmas jumper day

Hello fellow MSers I hope you are all well and getting ready to get in the festive spirit!

I have managed to persuade my bosses to let us take part in nation xmas jumper day to raise money for Save the Children so we will all be wearing on jumpers to work on 12th dec. also I have managed to get them to let us wear them for our auction 2 days before.

My theory behind it all is that if i successfully manage to pull this whole thing off they will let us do more charity related fund raisers in the future and I can try n push some MS related charity work at work.

Has anyone else done any ms fund raisers?

Sam x


i had no.3! hair was half way down back and raised £500 for mss.

Fab idea Sam!

Good luck-hope it raises a lot of money

One of my mates organised a handbag sale and ladies recycled their handbags and old jewellery - it raised a good bit of money and awareness of MS…