Mystery solved....?

Hi all,

This is my first post - so hi! :slight_smile:

I had my first symptoms two years ago and have just this week been diagnosed officially with MS.

It wasn’t a complete shock as my GP and neurology consultant had both talked to me about MS from the very first symptom. I just don’t know how I am feeling. Part of me thought that it would be a relief to finally get a diagnosis, that somehow the mystery would be solved and I would have an answer to all those symptoms I have been dealing with over the last two year.

However I just feel like there is now more mystery. What will happen next? What will the next 5, 10, 20 years look like? No-one can answer those questions due to the unpredictable nature of MS and I am left feeling slightly lost.

Part of me wants to curl up into a ball and pretend it isn’t happening, another part of me wants to go out and do everything that I am scared I might not be able to do in the years to come…

I was just keen to hear from people that have been diagnosed and find out how you coped with those first few weeks/months after diagnosis.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Jem,

Welcome to the forum.

I was dx in Oct last year, so fairly recent, like you I was expecting it, having known myself for over a year I probably had MS and from the 1st hospital in May last year when they told me of the brain lesions together with my symptoms it was likely to be MS (not confirmed till I saw neuro in Oct).

You haven’t said what type of MS you have, I have RRMS (highly active) and was offered DMD’s, which I am taking willingly to try to slow down relapses (having relapses every 3 months). A lot will depend on what type you have and how quickly its progressing etc. So there is no easy answer to your questions.

I have found I have come out of one limbo into another, I now know whats wrong but I don’t know whats going to happen with my job etc, I am just dealing with it one day and one problem at a time. Doing what I can when I can. You will find your own way of coping. These forums are excellent though if you have any questions or need to vent etc etc.

I’m probably still coming to terms with it, hopefully someone else further down the line can offer a bit more than I can.

Take Care


Hi Jem,

I don’t want to be the party pooper here but MS evolves differently in each person, its a highly unpredictable condition so unfortunately you cannot take comfort from anyones saying. I suggest you simply keep a positive view for the future and deal with flareups as they come (If ever they come).

You really only have 4 option to control and lessen MS attacks

  1. Actual treatment that will prevent and shorten future attack/flares (Copaxone and others) This will do absolutely nothing for your actual symptoms !

  2. Vitamin D (this is what we all have in common, a low level of VD in our bodies) I take 4000UI / Day

  3. Have healthy life style (avoid junk food)

  4. when or if attack occurs go see your doctor for a corticosteroid treatment, since this is the only treatment available (At least here in Canada) that will help your body heal and recover from MS flares.