My symptoms- sound familiar or am I paranoid?

You can scroll to last four paragraphs if you want me to get to the point … BUT Please read this summary of my symptoms ( MALE, 36 years old), and give your opinion if this os MS based on your own symptoms. I am only just starting to investigate all these symptoms after years of pain and discomfort. I have had pains in my head and neck area on right side for about 8 years which also go down my shshoulder to my shoulder joint and down the top of my back to my shoulder blade and rotator cuff area. Also these pains would radiate doen my arm to myto my elbow and hand and actually I would have pins and needles to my hand. On top of this I would also get pain into my mod back and lower backand into my hup and again pins and needles down my right leg to my foot. ALL these pains occur on the right side. Also I would have a tight jaw again on my right side and a feeling that I needed to open my jaw repeatedly to get the stiffness out of the joint and when I did this a large cracking nise would occur and it would feel slightly better and not as tight. Also I would get pain under my right jaw and under into my neck and running down my neck and also stiffness and pain around my ear. I also had BLINDINGLY bad brain fog where i felt my brain literally did not work at all, I was useless at my work and couldnt concentrate or cope with cognitive tasks at all. I know I have listed a lot of things here- sorry. I put all thos down to my office job and repetitive strain injury and struggled on! The pains got gradually worse and unlike the two years prior when I was in a period of being fitness obsessed and getting a lot of exercise and a good diet my exercise regime now dwindled and was stop start and my diet was very poor. As this went on i put on more weight and the pains got worse and worse along with very bad emotional strain and stress which lasted a long time. I tried absolutely everything to get rid of the muscular pains but NOTHING really helped and I got tired of taking painkillers frankly! In last 2 years I sorted my emotional life out and actually gave my body a rest from all heavy lifting exercised I was trying to still do from time to time and nothing shifted my symptoms, I actually got some pains nack in my chest and ribs and liver area which had been coming and going for quite a while. Nothing helped until i sorted my diet out and ate ZERO junk food for a few weeks and no sweets or anything processed or very little processed foods. My weight fell and actually it felt like my previous attempts to lose some weight were hindered with some inflammation effect in my body. Anyway, although I am now better I still have most of the symptoms only I have them in a slightly milder form than before… I still gwt the pains down my right side and some brain fog. I guess what I want to ask is- are MS pains possibly on one side like mine? It feels like a line some 3 inches to the right of my spine all the way up my back and neck and head all hurt together. Also this extends to the top of my head and feels sometimes like a headache like somebody plunged an axe into my head… also when I take a deep breath this LINE of pain hurts all together like its all being activated when i breath deeply … is this the MS HUG BUT what I really wanna ask is … Can all these symptoms be damped down by exercise??? If I am feeling rather awful with these symptoms I simply go on my bike for an intense 45 minutes or maybe a 25 minute intense run and a couple of hours after it I feel much better, clearer head less brain fog and less pain and it lasts a day maybe two at the most before the symptoms return… and I cannot for the lofe of me fathom out HOW this could possibly be with any normal muscle sprain or even spine problem which migh cause nerves to be pressed … I am at my witts wnd unable to work this all out!!! Thank you everyone.

Any comments or your experiences regarding exercise making symptoms better temporarily would be greatly appreciated.

I have not been diagnosed with MS but after years of suffering and being baffled and trying to deal with it on my own I have finally started to seek help from my doctor, and am genuinely surprised at how my symptoms feel like so many other people’s description of symptoms.

I have an abdomen ultrasound scan coming up soon, and I will take it from there.


hi dave

ms usually manifests itself on one side of the body.

however i am by no means saying that i think you have ms.

keep on talking to your gp and have any tests arranged for you.

carole x


Thanks for your reply.

Yes I have only started going down the route of getting myself tested etc - which is stupid I know but I always put the pain(s) and other symptoms down to other things.

Thank you.


Anybody else able to comment on this?

Hiya, I totally agree with Catwomancarole. Speak to your GP about all of the stuff you put in your message above. Try not to stress as stress may make your symptoms appear worse.

Hopefully the answers to your questions will end up being something simple and an enormous relief to you.

Thinking of you

Tippy x