My mum has Secondary Progressive MS.

My mums has had multiple sclerosis for the past 8 years or so now. It has progressed to secondary progressive. I am struggling to manage my emotions on a daily basis. I am constantly so frustrated and confused and I wish I could do something more meaningful to help, but nothing seems to work or feels like I am helping.

hi tanya

make sure that your mum knows how much you love her.

also make sure she understands that you want to help in any way you can.

as a mum myself i know that it is hard to ask for help from our ‘babies’.

keep talking and feel close.

what exactly is causing you to feel frustrated?

is it because you want to help and don’t know what to do?

it may be that a girly shopping trip is what she needs.

or a drive out somewhere nice, if it includes coffee and cake all the better.

suggest some ideas of your own to her and take it from there.

carole x