My mum has MS, looking for someone to speak to.

My mum has MS she got diagnosed with RRMS in 1999 when I was 5, I’m 19 now. I remember having to give her injections (beta interferon) at a young age it was hard but its all I know really. Recently though I’ve watched her get worse and it really scares me I can tell she’s scared too but she’s soo strong she just won’t talk about it and I suppose I’m the same with her I can’t talk about how it scares me with anyone. Her balance and sight is going off more and more these days also her blood platelets have dropped drastically to around 30 so she has been taken off beta interferon for around a month now and it really is the only thing thats kept her well for this long. Will she continue to deteriorate? This time next year will she still be able to walk by herself? I have soo many questions that go unanswered :frowning: I just don’t know what to expect now or what the future holds for her it hurts soo much. I’d appreciate anyone in similair situations giving me advice or just generally being there to talk to. Abbeigh xx

I feel really sorry for you! I have MS too &my husband is my carer just like you. You are a god son take care x

Sorry ! Meant good son not god

Hi abbeigh94 I’ve just read your post then realised you also posted on my post. Having a blonde moment. I too care for my mum as you know. It’s hard. My mums had MS for nearly 20 years and like you I was little when she was diagnosed. I’ve grown up with it, I too have given my mum mediation, treated sore and cuts and changed catheters. It’s difficult to know what will happen with MS. It’s a complete arse of a illness, its unpredictable. I won’t lie to you and say everything will be alright. There will be hard days and good days. The nature of MS is unpredictable, so many factors can affect MS and so it’s difficult to say what will happen. Everyone with MS is different. My mum has got steadily worse with time, her eyes sight is bad, so too is the stiffness in her legs and she is now in a wheelchair BUT it is gradual. She didn’t go to bed one night then woke up the next day and it was worse. There are other medications out there for MS too, finding the right combination is a bit of a buggar but it is possible. There is medication for eyesight, for pain, for spasms. Anytime you want to ask me something post me a msg. Ill get back to you. Please make sure you do talk to one another, have a cry, release those fears talk to anyone and everyone. Take care of you Cx