My Mum and her Husbands relationship

Hi all,

I’m reaching out on behalf of my Mum’s husband. My Mothers MS affects her memory and mood and she is difficult to communicate with a lot of the time. She’s very headstrong and won’t listen to any other opinion but her own which has made her very argumentative.

This is not how my Mum used to be, I’ve had to watch her deteriorate to this from a kind, caring loving person she used to be.

For myself and my Sister grown up with our own families this is heartbreaking to see but we don’t live with her so it is easier for us to let it all slide while on the phone or visiting (before lockdown).

For my Mum’s Husband this has been particularly difficult, day in day out watching the woman he loves become a woman he doesn’t recognise most of the time.

He is a Adult social carer and cares for my Mum once he finishes work. He is finding life with my Mum really difficult at the moment and i was wondering if anyone on here knows if there is any telephone support he could access? He really isn’t a great computer user and even if he was he would be using it with my Mum looking over his shoulder, which probably wouldn’t help.

Any help or comments appreciated

Hi, I feel I’m in a similar position. Both my parents have MS, my mum is in a wheelchair but my dad is not and is her carer. Since he was diagnosed about 5 years ago he has been on antidepressants as he hasn’t coped well with it. He’s always had a short temper but it’s getting much worse. His memory is definitely affected as well. Since lockdown he’s only gone out to do the food shopping which has led to his legs getting weaker and he’s sitting watching TV all day. None of us can get him interested in doing anything else. Every time my mum asks for his help to do something he snaps at her. He has never been one to talk about his feelings and even now he’ll say he’s fine if we ask, but my mum is struggling to cope with him as she’s stuck in the house at the minute. I’m hoping to get some support for the both of them but struggling to find something suitable. Ideally I would like someone to ring them and try to coerce my dad into talking to them about how he’s truly feeling as he won’t talk to any of us truthfully, and to give my mum someone to vent to. I’m going to ring the MS Society helpline tomorrow to see if they can offer help. Would it be worth getting your dad to do the same?