My leg n shoulder gave way why?

Hi to all,

I went with a friend go swimming I thought it might help n give me a bit of exercise

N help with my health.I swam 4 lengths was/a bit breathless after 1st one n tried again

When I tried to go n get out of the Pool I tried to put my footcon the step to push up

N my R leg gave way and I got a massive pain in my shoulder.

I just tried to find the strength to get up steps n get ready after wards.

Which I did

How did this happen?


I’m no doctor, but I would say you’ve simply overdone it.

You were already out of breath after one length, but pushed on for another three.

Sorry, but you can’t just do that with MS - you’ve got to listen to your body.

It sounds as if you have been getting very little exercise for some time, so it’s great that you decided to try, but if you’ve been out of it for some time, you need to build up again gradually. This is true for healthy people too, but even more so with MS.

You can’t just ask your body to do something it never normally does, ignore it when it tells you it’s out of breath, and then expect everything still to be OK.

I think you should go again, but set your sights a lot lower. If you’re tired after a length, stop at that. Next time, you might manage a bit more. Eventually you might get up to and past four lengths, but I think the mistake was trying to do it on a first go, when you’re completely out of practice.



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I don’t know if this helps, but for the last few years I’ve had trouble pushing up on steps and getting into vans etc, feels like there is no power in your legs? I didn’t, as far as I can remember, get a pain in my shoulder while doing it though and it didn’t happen all the time.

When I was seeing my neuro, getting dx, they questioned me about this, I did have it on my list of all the odd things that were happening, I don’t think they gave me an answer, but the fact they asked me about it made me believe it possibly has to do with the ms.

Ask your neuro next time you see him, if it gives you further problems on a more frequent basis or gets worse speak with your ms nurse.

Cherry x

walking up stairs that have no hand rail (usually stone steps outside) can be quite dodgy.

i push down on my forward knee with my hand and it seems to help.

coming back down is another issue!!

carole x

Reminded me of when I almost drowned myself swimming through Durdle Door arch couple of years ago. Deceptively calm day but choppy and swashing through the arch so having to resist being pushed back and into the side and constantly being swamped. Quickly felt my strength going too.