I have been writing my journey with MS and how it effects my life and also adding stuff in it, with links to other writing about coping with everyday living of it, i will update it slowly, its hard as it takes me ages as i have to check and check i have written it write.

I will add useful stuff to it as well.

Now I am sure this works.

Hope you enjoy it. x

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thank you CC it began by making me relive my own diagnosis and what followed. however your story is relentless, ups and downs like a big dipper! you are such a strong person. love carole x

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I’m finding your story so interesting CC (‘enjoying’ didn’t quite seem the right word as none of that is enjoyable for you but I am enjoying reading it in the midst of my own peculiar journey) thank you for going to all the effort of writing it.

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Hi hun glad you are enjoying it. Its hard to write as it stirs up so many memories. I am trying to think of a title for the next part of my journey its hard. I have added a few other lighter stuff.


Crumbs, must have taken ages to write all that! I could relate to a lot of it and parts made me smile.

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Wow C.Chick, I find your journey fascinating. I’ve only read 3 or 4 pages and already recognise your fears at “the little things” that build up to a mountain of mud to climb. It’s a familiar tale that we’ve each experienced, albeit in a different way and similar result, but I love the personal detail of your career, your p.a becoming a family friend.

I shall of course continue to read your journey through the unknown.

We are Survivors C.Chick, using the hurdles we face as stepping stones. Thanks for your inner determination to fulfil this written journey. You are showing how none of us are alone in our fight.

Chrissie x

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It did i typed a lot on word and transposed it over, it was exhausting and yesterday i just over did it. but i need to talk about it as so many people who dont have MS just dont understand us.

My friend tried to spell check it for me lol…xx

I am part way through it, found it a very interesting read. My wife has finally been diagnosed half way through March virtually a year to the day since she woke up with total numbness down one side,that year has seemed a lifetime (and the 16 months before that since work injury etc)and really is just a bit of a blur, Can’t begin to imagine what a wait of 10 years is like! Think she was fairly lucky to visit a decent Gp who was on ball and thinking MS and got a request in to her spinal consultant to get head MRI straight away.

With hind sight and looking at her medical notes we find she had optic neuritis in 2002 but she didn’t remember the term,was just a short term problem that quickly went away and never came back.I suppose she often seemed to lack energy and would sleep on sofa and seem worn out but no real obvious problems till injured in late 2015.When that GP started asking about MS in family last March,and we found out why her aunt was in a wheelchair,the stumbling i had noticed for months started to make sense,she had started using a stick for safety but we just thought she was dopey from all the painkillers! As soon as mention was made of Ms i was pretty certain!

Hi I am glad your enjoying it, must admit it has been challenging at times and hard to cope for 10 years more or less knowing its going to be MS but when you finally get told it is PROGRESSIVE it was a kick in the teeth for me.

I found out since it is quite common for people who have an episode of Optical Neuritis to go on to develop MS sometimes 15 years later.

It sounds like your wife has wonderful support with you. Whatever she needs to keep her safe she should get. I have lots of stuff lol, but when you read my blog you will see even the aids which are supposed to help us can do us harm lol, the mad chuckie mobility scooter.

I think your a lovely person to want to learn about it all and it will help her in the end. I know about the accidents I fell down the stairs I completely forgot to put my foot down on the last step and went flying fractured coxic, that was way back maybe 1994 I cant remember so you just never know when this disease actually starts. xxx