My first time here; not officially dx’ed yet

I found this site this week, but am from the U.S. Hope it is okay to post here!?

seems to be a wonderful community; of which I am in desperate need of right now.

I began having symptoms of what I think was now MS about a year ago; however I had a brain scan and it was fine. The symptom was loss of vision for 2 weeks or so; and another bout about 3 months later, with no explainable cause. I was a runner at the time, and began to get an “odd” sensation when I ran on pavement that never stayed too long. Well, then at Christmas this last year I felt that odd sensation coming on in my legs and feet and it just will NOT go away. Because of the clear scan last year I tried to just “wait it out” but just couldn’t anymore. I am now “numb” and/or? have loss of general sensation from my waist down to my toes.

Spinal MRI of lumbar and Sacral regions showed a 4mm lesion at T11 (just at the top of the picture) So they sent me back for a cervical and Thoracic; which showed more lesions.

I am now awaiting referral to neurologist/MS doctor. But BOY are my nerves shot. I should have stayed off Google, because now I am convinced I have PPMS; bc there are “several?!” lesions in my spine and from what I’ve read that is very consistent with PPMS. I am so afraid of imminent disability.

Playing the waiting game as I TRY to keep a life.

My trust DOES lie in the Lord; it’s just so hard to keep that focus during a crisis.

Thank you in advance for any encouragement. And for {possibly?} accepting an “outsider”


I think most of us here not yet diagnosed are or have been where you are. google is good for alot but stay off the non reliable sites=) I have also googled for answers but it’s only the neuro who can tell you for sure or at least try cause no matter what you find on the net you can never be sure and the sites you are googling can’t tell what your diagnosis will be…I am not yet diagnosed and have had several mri scans where the last one hasn’t given any more answers than the first and still I think I have ms but my neuro thinks otherwise ant that is really distressing…not thatn I would have ms but rather a diagnosis than symptoms keeping me in limbo…

I wish you good luck and try not to worry to much cause that increases symptoms and keep us posted here rather than googling;)




Hello and welcome to our Forum; probably the luckiest move you’ll make all year. MS doesn’t recognise political boundaries and neither do we.

I can’t comment on your MRI scans because I went to art college not medical school (their loss); however, I don’t think you should worry about anything such as “imminent disability”.

Whatever you can do today you’ll be able to do tomorrow and so on, so think positively, hope for the best and don’t dwell on “what’s the worst that can happen”. It’s not good for the soul.



Thank you for your response Penny!! I wish YOU good luck as well! And you are SO right; the worrying causes what symptoms are there to be 10x worse!

God Bless you; praying for ease for your symptoms as well

Thank you SO much for the warm welcome Anthony!! I think you are right; best decision was to find this support group! I really am going to take to heart what you said, “whatever you can do today you’ll able to do tomorrow” and so on… I believe that will help my mindset so very much.

Thank you again! :heart: