My Dad - my hero. Reaching out for peers.

Hi everyone,

My Dad is my hero. He was diagnosed with very aggresive prostate cancer about 7/8 years ago and had his prostate removed and some medication (not chemo/radio). Thankfully, he is still all clear.

A few years ago, he was diagnosed with MS (the kind that comes in attacks) and he is rapidly declining which is heartbreaking. He’s 72 in a few weeks, still tries to get to the gym as much as he can (he’s recently torn his calf muscle - is this common with MS or is it just age etc?)

I guess I’m here to try and learn and understand, but also if anyone else is in the same boat - happy to connect.

I have had some scares myself, as I lost my peripheral vision in my right eye a few years ago, and had a stroke at 18 (don’t get me started on why that contraceptive pill was ever allowed on the market!) but I’ve been given the all clear (finger’s crossed)

I really worry about him, he was a very successful businessman, very sporty (ex “pro” footballer and ex tennis addict) and always the smartest person in the room. Now, he sits watching TV all day (when not at the gym) and his memory is absolutely awful. Although he did recently have some tests for dementia that came back negative… I’d put money on it.

Seeing him deteriorate in front of my eyes is heartbreaking. And for my poor Mum, who is also grieving for my Nan who we lost in Nov aged 93. It’s so much to take on and to understand.

I guess I’m just wanting to find out more about the condition, without going down a rabbit hole of Googling and ‘doomscrolling’ as I am autistic and can get quite upset.

Thanks for having me :slight_smile: