Muscle relax medication

Hi, I’ve been taken Clonazepam for a couple of months started with one at night more recently another in the morning… I have now stopped the morning one as it made me stiffer? I don’t think this drug is helping me as I’m still so stiff? I have tried Baclofen this didn’t help either! Has anyone else had same problems with these drugs? Can anyone recommend anything else? I’m sure it’s trial and error trying to find what suits each person? Chris x

the only other i can think of is tizanidine…i’m on it just now for spasticity and seems to do the trick

was on baclofen before but feel this one is better



I have been told that clonazepam is an anti-epilepsy drug which reduces muscle spasms, rather than spasticity - maybe it does the job for both…

I’ll try and get GP to prescribe Tizanidine then any things worth a try x

I’ll try and get GP to prescribe Tizanidine then any things worth a try x

Chris, l had a terrible time when l was taking Baclofen and then Tizanidine - l felt so weak and feeble - and actually could not even stand up. The silly thing was l did not realise it was the meds that were causing it. l really thought ‘this is it - l shall never walk again’

Then nearly three years ago - l started taking Sativex - and this l find so much better. l take it before going to bed as it stops the pain and spasticity in my legs. Magnesium and Vitd3 also helps with restless legs and spasms.

My neuro recommends Sativex and my GP prescribes it. l do not have any of the ghastly side-effects from it that so many meds c cause.


Within exactly one hour of taking Tizanidine I felt that I was in countdown of having an anesthetic. 10, 9, 8 etc and then I was in a deep sleep. I tried to take it at night and then I woke up feeling as though I had a hangover! I have asked by neuro for sativex but cant get it as it is too expensive.

Moyna x

Moyna, So it is not just me that reacts badly to these meds. lt worries me that people might be driving a car whilst taking them.

Keep badgering your neuro/gp for Sativex - don’t give up as l think more and more are realising how effective it is. l have never had any side-effects from it - and it does warn you in the enclosed leaflet not to drive - to begin- with until you are use to it. Although it is cannabis based it does have the ‘euphoria’ part removed. And it is licensed for ms use - unlike most of the meds prescribed.


Moyna, that’s exactly how I felt on tizanidine, every time I had a tablet I had to have a sleep. It’s a shame because they did actually work. Cheryl:-)

So, really its all about finding the one that suits you? I need to chat with my GP next week? I’ll ask about both these suggestions? Thanks for the advice x