Multiple symptoms at once

Hi all,

I have had fatigue and brain fog for well over a year. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism last may and have seen no improvement with medication despite my bloods now being well within range. I have had a few other things going on with my health and thought things were separate but today at my GP review he decided to refer me to a neurologist and I asked if he felt they were linked and he said they may well be, through MS but he felt it was unlikely as MS doesn’t usually present with multiple symptoms at once. My current issues are;

foot drop- dragging and scuffing my right foot which GP thinks is caused by herniated disc in my back-never had a scan on my back but physio and GP diagnosed herniated disc in sept due to sciatica, nerve pain in both legs and back pain.

Eye pain and cloudy vision in right eye which optician said was an eye migraine, this has now progressed into vertigo which I feel comes from when I move my eyes not my head.

I have previously had tingling and weakness in my arm/hand which was diagnosed as carpal tunnel last year. This has now improved.

As well as the memory/thinking problems and fatigue I mentioned before.

I’ve had lots of bloods done, all ok except vitamin D which is just above low despite me taking 5,000ui a day! B12 level is good also.

They may well be completely separate issues but I am grateful that my GP is asking for a 2nd opinion.

What are your thoughts on not having many symptoms at once? Do you find you have one symptom at a time?

Thanks for reading. I hope I’ve made sense. My thinking is all over the place!

Hello Kym

Your GP is doing the right thing to refer you to a neurologist.

Nobody on here can say whether your symptoms could be MS or not. In as much as saying you can’t have multiple symptoms at once, I don’t think that’s necessarily true. But then MS can do what it likes. So what happens for one person isn’t necessarily going to mean anything relevant to another person.

Basically, when you see the neurologist, they will do a neurological exam and then refer you for tests if they think they are necessary.

Best of luck.


maybe if it’s ms you could have had it for years.

go for your appointment and try not to get too stressed.

carole x