MS & Work

Hello everyone…

Im jus looking for some advice please… my employer is away of my condition since i was diagnosed in April 2010 but has never asked me about it. Although i work extremely closely with her and in the same room, if i feel unbalance and a bit wobbly she might notice it but doesnt ask question or say anything… should I speak to to my HR manager about it?? and make them more aware of my symtoms??? i think they dont really care?? But then again it is because i havent given them any information. Am i being silly expecting them to know about MS and the symtoms??

any suggestions will be helpful… many thnks…


All things considered, IT IS hard to explain to everybody & anybody the symptoms of MS, especially as we’re all affected in different ways. My experiences in my day to day dealings with others (esp. at work, where it is overall positive ) is that you can get a real insight to their lives, issues etc.

I reckon that one has to let others lack of understanding not get to you. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could stop & think a bit for others…

As for the workplace …REASONABLE ADJUSTMENTS… are important…both for you and your employer,

Take care


Hi Dee,

I’m sure I’ve read posts similar to yours, but where exactly the opposite complaint has been made: that the employer had asked questions or made remarks, that the employee felt were totally unwelcome, intrusive, and inappropriate!

I think there are a lot of fears these days, that to remark on your disability, or mention it any way, unless you raised it first, might itself be seen as patronising or discriminatory. So I think most employers are very wary of mentioning they have seen you struggling, unless it presents an obvious safety hazard, that they have to address, or you have indicated it’s something you want to talk about.

I really think the initiative rests with you here. Your employers aren’t psychic, and don’t know that you would like them to say something. They may be quite scared you’d get upset if they did.

So I think, if you need particular help, or there’s an issue you want to discuss, you need to be assertive and tell them. They are probably taking their cue from you, and if you don’t mention it, they will assume that’s the way you prefer it, and that they shouldn’t talk about it either.

Think about it in reverse: would you comment about someone’s disability, or the fact they were struggling, unless it was obvious they were requesting help? Or would you think it more polite to mind your own business unless asked?

I think your boss is just doing the latter.


Hi everyone…

Thank you for all your messages.

Tina your comments were really helpful, thank you. I think i should mention it as i do want them to know about my symtoms. Little things like making drinks i find extremely difficult.

The company director, one other collegue and myself all work in the same office which is on the first floor. I can not carry a tray of drinks for us without half the drinks on the tray and i worry that they might think im being lazy because i never offer, would it benefit me to let them know?? when walking up and down the stairs i always hold on to the rail to help me, so carrying a tray of vortually impossible.

Thank you all again!



Hi Dee

Belike they have noticed the state of the tea tray and are quite happy to fetch the drinks - thy wouldn’t mention it as they know you’d feel embarrased/got at.

My colleagues are the same. I haven’t made a c.o.t. in months when anyone else is around - they just arrive at the desk at regular intervals!

You only need to discuss things which are causing you problems; like using stairs while carrying things.

When I was Dx my boss quietly went off and read up on MS so when I went back she had a good idea what might be needed.

If you do need support in work, the already mentioned ‘reasonable adjutments’ are so in your interest; they are to mke your job easier and safer for you - not the bosses!

Access to Work are a good resource - they have provided me with transport costs to and from work and pay for a support worker for me in areas identified as too dangerous for me to attempt alone! They are part of the DWP but seem to be benificent!