MS with ADHD

Hi I’ve just be recently diagnosed with remitting relapse MS only 3 days ago but have had my lumber puncture and it’s confirmed feeling a bit over whelmed and was also wondering if anyone here also suffers from ADHD as this seems to have an impact on my MS and wondered if anyone had any advice for me.



sorry to read that you’ve joined our club.

i don’t suffer from ADHD in fact i’m chronically UNDER active!

anyway a bump up the forum won’t hurt.

carole x

Hi K,

I was diagnosed with MS (in Aberdeen!) 9 years ago, but have always had problems (since as long as I can remember) with attention, concentration, planning, organisation, emotional flitting, and more, and was diagnosed with ADHD just 3 years ago (at the grand age of 40!) I must say, I love Equasym, and it really does help me keep on track, along with various phone apps, work adaptations, and large handfuls of Mindfullness (highly recommend ‘Minfulness Prescription for ADHD’ by Lidia Zylowska). But I am currently having a flare, and finding all the difficulties I associated with ADHD are multiplied, especially fatigue and inability to maintain focus on tedious/routine tasks. Now I’m starting to doubt if it is ADHD or MS, though in reality I didn’t have MS as a kid!


Thanks for that answer as was feeling I was the only one, yeh having a sensory relapse just now with vertigo on top which is playing havoc with my ADHD attitude he moment and coping with work, yes mindfulness is a what’s been helping meat the moment but tricky to find the time to fit it in with work and a teenager who has autism, complex living in this house nothing by halves ha ha ha


My son, now 17, has been diagnosed separately with MS and ADHD and is being treated for both (Rebif for MS and Ritalin for ADHD). The various medics that we deal with are aware of both conditions and do not seem to really link them. His ADHD did not manifest as hyperactivity - more a lack of focus & concentration. At times, it is difficult to disaggregate what is going on with him - typical scattered (male) teenager, some cognitive disfunction due to MS or issues arising from ADHD! The good news is that he is generally well and getting on with life, though studying is definitely a challenge for him! The ritalin definitely seems to have helped him but perhaps it is more effective in kids.

Wow I am over the moon to see that others have the great and powerful adhd, I am. 43yrs old and still hyperactivity, I am not yet diagnosed with Ms but I am at the neurologist 7th Feb and Reumotology on the 8th Feb so hopefully I’ll get some answers What I have found Is that because I am On a high amount of Ritalin it really helps my periods of fatuge and I really don’t know How Others get through the day, I Also have hypermobility and arthritis so I Really feel physically and mentally blessed lol But never Mind as I feel thankful Just to Be here as I have lost so many friends And family So I say Smile daily and be thankful for what we have