My MS and me


I had demyelination detected on a brain scan several years ago although was told by my consultant that unless I have symptoms I dont have MS.

Recently I have experienced bouts of extreme fatigue, muscle tension, headaches and blurry vision. I now recognise that some of these symptoms feel familiar although more severe and I am starting to realise that maybe I have been experiencing mild symptoms for quite some time.

The hardest thing to come to terms with is the fatigue and the fact that even small bouts of activity can be totally draining, like a battery discharging.

I am also currently waiting for an assessment for ADHD which is also plaguing my life. I am convinced I have ADHD (as does my wife who is an ADHD specialist nurse).

At this point in time I am waiting to see my neurologist. I am wondering what I can do to help relieve symptoms before I start any formal treatment.

Any tips for managing symptoms? Should I reduce my activity levels or try to keep going despite my MS?

Just joined I to am waiting on ADHD I have been told by Health Care professionals that I have it too so I am also like you convinced. My GP however will not even refer me to my Neurologist due to my complex ongoing health problems but told me that they are simply just not accepting referrals so I don’t know what to do any advice?

For you I would wait and see as stress affects the body and mind and will make you feel worse sorry I do not have anything better or more profound to say also follow your body the way it feels no matter the time. So if fatigued rest stop what you are doing even if not completely finished for example or it’s the wrong time. Hope that helps a bit and makes sense.

Also I am unsure if my post will show to just you or others I would like it to show to others but don’t know how could it be done thanks