ms symptoms

im new to this site and need some advice 27 year old female serve exhaustion leg and arm pain they weigh a ton memory loss headaches bladder problems repeated utis difficulty emptying housebound not been diagnosed as know one knows whats wrong with me

Been like this a year seizures started first, then exhaustion, i get a bad headache then feel like im going to pass out, i get too hot with it i never use to.

i hate being like this housebound i use to drive everyday now spend everyday indoors, too ill to go out can anyone help as i am alone in this ive done my research and my symptoms point to ms as its common in young females. seeing my GP tuesday

Well yes, your symptoms could be MS, but they could also be lots of other things. Like you, I have not had a proper diagnosis, but all I have been told, after many years of being told I probably had PPMS, is that I have spastic paraplegia.

I imagine your gp will refer you to a hospital specialist.

Good luck.


Hi kitten1 - May I suggest you make a note of your most serious symptoms so as you don’t forget anything when you see your GP on Tuesday. I often find I remember something I meant to mention about five minutes after I’ve left the surgery, so now I write a list of the most important points.

But last appointment I left it at home!

Best of luck.


Hello kitten1 and welcome

Hopefully your gp will refer you to a neurologist if appropriate.

What’s been happening in the last year regarding assessments, in relation to the seizures, if you don’t mind me asking?

Obviously this is all very Stressful for you.

Take care xx

thanks for all the comments nothing happened with regard my assessment i saw a neurologist said it was blackouts and stress seizures as soon as he saw me i was out again wouldnt listen to me discharged me so my GP would help me neither which is why ive changed surgery the hospital called me yesterday afternoon they seem certain i have MS have a meeting on the 23rd to discuss treatment as i have endometrosis. I hope i will get refered to a neurologist as i ended up in A&E 3 weeks ago really bad headache and the doctor queried MS again my previous GP wouldnt act on it still got the headache if it wasnt for these then i would be ok some days is better then others. I was suppose to have an operation for me endometrosis but they cant go ahead till i have the diagnosis hopefully tuesday i will have news. regards Kitten x