MS Register report on depression & anxiety

I couldn’t get through it all, but it’s worth a look and pie charts are interesting:

Pat x

The really sad thing is that there are only 7700-odd people signed up for the register, when there are supposed to be “around 100,000 of us” in the UK.
That looks to an outsider like we do not care.
If we don’t care, why should this government (or any government)?

Come on, everyone - sign up for the register!


Thanks for this Pat

It makes interesting reading, although I didn’t read it all. I had a quick glance at the charts and read the conclusion.

Geoff is right as many people as possible need to complete the register so that the information gathered is as representative as possible


I withdrew from it, after all it seemed to be interested in was depression and anxiety. I’d hoped it might do interesting things, like look for common factors that could cast light on the causes of MS. But I saw none of that - just repeated surveys wanting to know if I’m depressed. Probably, yes! But no more than anyone with a serious debilitating illness would be. In fact, I think I’m remarkably UNdepressed, all things considered. But it’s depressing to be continually probed about it.


Disappointed that they didn’t get into the young~anxiety and older~depression thing more. Fear of the future and depression about reality??

Not sure it really adds much to the current literature, but I guess time will tell.

Karen x

PS They’ve added a lot of other stuff to it btw Tina. I think the plan is to continue to do that - so it will be about all sorts of things, not just depression.

It intrigued me that the data was taken from a period in 2011. This was before the MS Life in Manchester when I signed up so their figures would be a little more increased now?

-Im taking part and I like the fact other diseases are added, thus adding to symptoms in other ways. Most people with ms may have other diseases along side, making life doubly difficult.

The depression part is only one part, daily life is another, as is mood and ability to walk or help required.

I would reiterate Pats plea that more join, as it will be more representative overall.

best wishes