Ms pattern no diagnosis yet

Hi I have been diagnosed the following symptoms by neurologist.

Admitted to hospital. Left sided face and arm weakness, left side lower limb sensory disturbance, clear MRI in 2007.

Vestibular disturbance, ataxia, double vision and coordination problems in 2013. No MRI.

Couple of months ago admitted with ataxia, coordination problem, double vision, discharged and diagnosed with functional disorder by ward doc. Did not see neurologist. Gp not happy so asked for a neurology appointment.

Saw neurology couple of months ago told the symptoms match Remitting MS but also Functional disorder. (Diagnosed with psoriasis arthritis in 2000 which was blurring neurological tests) Double vision with no 6th nerve palsy. when she checked result of last MRI she found they looked at MRI of spine done late 2013 for arthritis, no MRI of brain. Just to be sure of functional disorder diagnosis she ordered brain MRI. Also taken off Biologics for arthritis until test came back. Shortly after MRI I had sudden loss of vision and painful eye, saw optician the following day. I have a reduction of vision in one eye reducing prescription by 1.5 which apparently is a lot. Also right eye does not travel all the way across when looking into distance which can be 6th nerve palsy but optician not qualified to diagnosed. She could also not help my vision until MRI results come back.

two weeks later in evening, neurologist rung. Cannot go onto biologics because there was multiple lesions on the brain in an MS pattern. She has sent scan to Edinburgh neurology team for diagnosis.

saw GP last week. She told me to look at this website and inform DVLA that I am being tested for MS. I checked DVLA website, it just says…if you are diagnosed with MS you will be fined £1000 if you don’t inform DVLA. Why has she sent me here and why does she say for me to lose drivers licence until I get diagnosis and they contact neurology??? I am not driving so I won’t be caught driving with symptoms but also not losing licence! Is that the best thing to do?

hi joanne

your gp is correct.

dvla must be informed if you are diagnosed with ms.

you’ll be put on a 3 year license but not much else happens so don’t worry.

good luck with the investigations

carole x

Thank you Carole for reply. Just thought it was strange that I need to let them know even if i have not been diagnosed. I don’t want to lose licence if the Edinburgh team come back and say it’s not. Would gp be told before me? Paranoia is saying she knows already?