MS or no MS?

Hi everyone,I am in bed after my lumbar punchar!

cant wait to find out what’s going on with my body.(7 years now)

ok so here’s my story.

woke up one morning 7 years ish ago and lost the sight in my right eye…for only about 10 minutes.(very scary)

i made a appointment with the doctors as this was very scary,but before I saw the doctor I was driving to do my shopping which was only a couple of days after eye sight problem and all the right side of my face went numb (and felt like pins and needles.Anyway I saw the doc who sent me for a brain MRI…I received a letter from a MS clinic also asking me to go there to see a consultant and discuss results.

i went and was told I have several lesions in my frontal lobe,but didn’t think it was anything to worry about so off I went.

Well I was still getting strange symptoms which always came and went apart from swollowing problem and that was always there.

heres a list of things going on

loss of sight for short period of time,numb on right side of face,problems swollowing my own spit,pins and needles in legs toes fingers,dry eyes,blind spot in both eyes only in dark,sharp pains in head,fatigue

New symptoms

Numb in chin when running

Stabbing pains in arm left

Stabbing pains in head left

Leg numb right

Heavy head feels like I have a head like bowling ball that my neck can’t hold up

pain under right rib…

so I didn’t go back to the doctors about this until about two years ago as I thought well I’ve been checked out and they obviously don’t think there’s a problem but I thought things were getting worse!

so I went back to docs to be told the MS clinic wanted me to go back 6 months after my first app if symptoms !!!

but I had never received a letter or any info about this!!!

so doc sent me for another brain MRI and referred me to a neuro…

went to see him and he was lovely said no real change on MRI compared to 7 years ago but said he wanted to do some tests so I had bloods done to check for mimicking diseases which came back fine and then yesterday I had a lumbar punchar (not pleasant…I have a appointment on the 24th of august with consultant to talk about results.

what do you all think about it being MS NOT LONG NOW!!!

Hello Loubar

To be honest, it’s something you’re really going to have to wait for your next appointment with the neurologist in a months time.

The trouble with MS is that there are so many potential symptoms, and many of these are also shared with other diagnoses. I think that if your neurologist had been confident that it was MS from your MRIs, then s/he’d have diagnosed you from that. The fact that you’ve had an LP should give your neuro a really good idea whether it is or isn’t MS.

Something like 95% of people with MS have what is known as oligoclonal bands in their cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). This is partly what they look for in a LP. They’ll also be checking for infections and a range of other things. You can be negative for ‘O’ bands and still have MS, but if the neuro is doubting an MS diagnosis, then a negative LP would probably result in a negative MS decision.

Sorry I can’t be of any more help. It’s just one of those times when waiting for results is flipping hard, and you want a short cut if that’s possible. I doubt that there is one.


Thank you so much for your response,I have waited 7 years so another month won’t make much difference.

I feel like I’m maybe imagining all these symptoms sometimes,but get very scared when I get a numb face and tongue and can’t swollow properly on my right hand side.

i just want answers and wondered if these were common symptoms.

my lesions are only on my left side of my brain and are on my frontal lobe I think there is about 4 all in the same area.

no lesions on my cervical spine witch is good.

but last month I noticed a blind spot at night in my eyes and I am due to have a scan of my optical nerve too.

i will keep you informed!

once again thanks for reply x

Anyone have these symptoms ? Xxx