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Ms nursing team referral

Hi, haven’t been on for a while but wondered if anyone could help. So i have had symptoms for 7 years, and anual MRI scans, i was diagnosed with CIS last year and and had a follow up MRI Oct 2021, i am still awaiting the result which is due in April. However as much as i have pain regularly, i have had severe neuralgia in the right side of my face twice in the last 3 weeks lasting 3 days a time, the pain has been dreadful, as well as this my left leg from the knee down has been quite numb and has pins and needles right down it. I contacted my neuro who has said he has moved my results consultation to 25th jan instead of april and has gave me the number and email for the MS nursing team to discuss with them… Being told to contact the MS nursing team when i don’t have an official diagnosis of MS is a bit concerning to say the least, especially when i dont know my recent result, i know know one can know my result but i wondered if anyone else has experienced this? I am trying to stay relaxed to see if it helps take this episode of neuralgia away, as i have had a huge amount of stress in my life since october so it may be triggering these issues but it is hard when you are told to do this with no explanation. Thank you.

I don’t think you should have to deal with severe pain without support. I suggest making yourself a nuisance with your GP / Practice manager / MS nurse or neurologist.
I think the NHS is stretched so unless you have a “significant?” problem or make a BIG fuss it will take a long time.
Good luck

Hi mich33

You definitely need to seek help as suggested by Morace get your pain under control as you might be getting onto a vicious circle as pain and stress will feed of each other, at least they do from my own experience.

I would definitely contact my GP to tackle the pain if I was you. If you have a good GP, he/she could write, what I call, a letter of concern to the neurology department or MS team in view how stress, upset and/ or even becoming depressed with all symptoms you have been experiencing over last 3 weeks in hope it will nudge the investigative process to get some concrete answers you are looking for. My GP has written some letters when I felt very low and in pain to various medical department as I have more than MS to worry about. I can’t confirm if it helped regarding the waiting time for appointment with specialist, but it put my mind to rest hoping for the best.

Thank you for your messages. They are appreciated. I will speak to the GP about meds. I am more concerned i spose with the ms nursing team referral, when as of yet i have not had an ms diagnosis, not sure if that means i should expect it on jan 25th or is any one else with cis has been referred to ms nurses due to continuous pain.